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Beana Laponia

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Husky Favorite,
Visit the home of the wonderful sled dogs and have a good go with them!
 Price per adult119 € Child 4-12yrs89 €
Deeper Forest
Get charmed by the power of huskies… This trail goes deeper to the forest. During the two hours dog sledding...
 Price per adult155 € Child 4-12yrs115 €
Frozen Sausage
Forget the rest of the world and fall in to this! Three hours in the forest trail, sliding on the runners, pulled by huskies whose instinct is to run.
 Price per adult189 € Child 4-12yrs141 €
2-days Husky safari: Back to the basics for 2 days
Relax and get back to the basics for two days. Snowy nature, You and the wonderful sled dogs! Two days to get rid of the hectic city life. Surrounded with arctic beauty and the companion of the dogs in your team. Soon you will remember... we are all connected... to the nature, to each others, to the dogs...
 Person890 € 
Due to safety or weather conditions safari programmes are subject to change.
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